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École Heritage

Program: Grades K-8, Immersion

École Heritage is on the cutting edge of new educational initiatives in the South-East region. With two award winning teachers on staff who have been recognized for innovation in the field of education, as well as musicians, writers and athletes, we are a top notch place of learning. We offer specialists in Physical Education, Music and Art.

We have been awarded several grants to develop our school numeracy project and we have received recognition for that as well. École Heritage is known for providing students with a well balanced educational experience and several of our graduates have gone on to win awards for top achievement in the province. We are proud of our successes and we continue to seek new, innovative and varied educational opportunities for our students every year.

We are the only French Immersion school in the region and as such we carry the banner for French as an additional language programming. This is a duty that we take to heart as we believe the immersion program is critical for continued community growth as well as a benefit for students and families in the region. French Immersion opens doors for students throughout their lives and promotes diversity while honouring culture.

We at École Heritage are all really excited about our two new programs being offered this year. We are offering Home Economics to all grade seven and eight students and we are re-introducing our band program. We believe that year after year we continue to offer exciting and new learning opportunities for children in our region and we look forward to welcoming new families to the École Heritage team. We'd love to hear from you. Please call today at 433-3460 for more information.

433 Sabourin Street, Box 489, St-Pierre-Jolys, Mb R0A 1V0
Principal: Arlette Begoum-Kate
Phone: (204) 433-3460 Fax: (204) 433-7175
Email: heritage@rrvsd.ca
Website: www.heritage.rrvsd.ca

École St. Malo School

Program: Grades K-8, Partial Français and English

École St. Malo School, home of the "Majestics", is an educational complex where cultures and languages meet and learn successfully. We take pride in educating our students in a positive bilingual environment. The "Partial Français" and English programs offered continue to be strong and are respectful of the needs of the community and its surrounding region. We believe in students succeeding academically, socially and emotionally. Quality education is an utmost priority in all of our goals.

We welcome new families settling in the community to make École St. Malo School their school of choice. For more information call 347-5255

189 St. Malo Street, Box 190, St. Malo, Mb R0A 1T0
Principal: Suzanne Remillard
Phone: (204) 347-5255 Fax: (204) 347-5021
Email: stmalo@rrvsd.ca
Website: www.ecolestmalo.net

École communautaire Réal-Bérard

Program: Grades K-12, Français

École communautaire Réal-Bérard, located at 377 Sabourin Street, in St-Pierre Jolys, is a French school offering students a quality education, from nursery school to grade 12. Proud to welcome families committed to the promotion of the French language and culture, École communautaire Réal-Bérard offers its clients an excellent academic program, a specialized music program and a range of cultural and athletic activities. "Feels good to be home". For further information, please call 433-7706.

377 Sabourin Street, Box 490, St-Pierre-Jolys, Mb R0A 1V0
Principal: Patrice Harvey
Vice Principal: Luc Nadeau
Secretary: Corinne de Jong Rioux
Phone: (204) 433-7706 Fax: (204) 433-3086
Cel: (204) 712-6746
Email: patrice.harvey@dsfm.mb.ca
Website: www.realberard.dsfm.mb.ca

Institut Collegial de St. Pierre (ICSP)

Program: Grades 9-12, Immersion / English / Vocational

Institut Collegial de St. Pierre (ICSP) home of the "Cobras" has a long, proud history of providing excellent French language education for the communities it serves. We receive our students from many communities surrounding St-Pierre-Jolys including St. Malo, Grunthal, Niverville, Otterburne and Kleefeld.

At ICSP we offer a variety of program options for our students including: Band and vocational programs, Fine Arts, Dramatic Arts (students won 5 awards in provincial youth theatre competition, "FTJ" in May 2007). The school also has its own student run radio station which broadcasts daily. As well, students may earn credits toward graduation by completing self-directed projects/ credits such as tutoring, coaching, volunteering, and interning in a workplace. Our school runs daily intra-mural activities and weekly clubs. We have provided our students with opportunities to travel abroad, intern at the legislature and study in other provinces. We also have down hill ski trips, hiking trips and canoe trips for our students.

As a small rural school, we pride ourselves on thinking "outside of the box" to offer as many options for students as we can. By providing our students with diversity and choice, we have created a culture of learning through life experience. Our programming has proven effective because our students have scored above the provincial average for the last five years in the grade twelve provincial exams in Pre-calculus and French. Life experience enriches academic performance and that is what we believe is the key to our success.

Our students have designated Breast Cancer research as their charity of choice and have worked diligently over the past year to raise in excess of two thousand dollars through a variety of student led activities.

Along with a great group of students, we have an amazingly talented staff. Our staff consists of published authors, accomplished musicians and athletes. Our teachers value the richness of cultural diversity and building relationships with both students and community. We are proud of our students' and our teachers' accomplishments and value how each contributor brings their special talent to life in the way that they educate the youth of our learning community.

515 Hébert Street, Box 188, St-Pierre-Jolys, Mb R0A 1V0
Principal: Pascal Fortin Vice Principal: Sandra Gratton
Phone: (204) 433-7938 Fax: (204) 433-7412
Email: icsp@rrvsd.ca
Website: www.icsp.rrvsd.mb.ca/