Midwifery Services of South Eastman Health

Midwifery care is based on a respect for pregnancy...

...as a state of health and childbirth, as a normal physiological process. The profound birth experience carries significant meaning for a woman and her family. A midwife gives care to a woman and her baby during pregnancy, labour and birth, and for six weeks after birth by way of home or office visits.

Midwifery care is accessible to all women in a setting with which the woman is comfortable. It must be understood that no birth setting is free of risk. The issue of safety is extremely important to parents and midwives, and is one of a number of issues discussed during the prenatal period.

The safety of the mother and child is always the first consideration in every birth. Midwives work together with other health care professionals when the needs of the mother and child are beyond the scope of practice of the midwife.

Midwifery care is family-centered care

The concerns and hopes of parents are respected and honoured wherever possible and reasonable. A midwife builds a relationship of trust with an expectant mother and her family. This is the foundation of care. When a woman trusts her caregiver to do what is best for her and her baby, the element of fear and anxiety is markedly reduced. Midwives practice the art of being "with a woman" during her birth experience with compassion, gentleness, knowledge and confidence. The involvement of midwives brings peace and awe to the birth experience, regardless of location of birth.

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