St Pierre Museum Réal Bérard

Réal Bérard's Painting
"La grande chasse"

St. Pierre Museum

Built in 1900, this building was a teaching convent owned by the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary. It served as a public school for grades 1 to 10 and as a girl's boarding school for 60 years.

Visit a traditional classroom with a mannequin dressed as a nun of that era. View the parlour, which served as a reception area for the guests, the chapel, mother superior's small bedroom, along with photos and some community artifacts.

This museum serves as a reminder of our heritage and wishes to recognize the important contribution made by the Sisters in the development of St. Pierre-Jolys. This building was declared a provincial heritage site in 1989.

The Cabane à Sucre and the Maison Goulet are also part of the museum site. Go to the website to learn more.

432 Joubert Street, Box 321, St-Pierre-Jolys, Mb R0A 1V0
Contact: Rachelle Edmunds (arrange tour bookings)
Phone: (204) 433-7002
Hours of operation
Months of July and August
Wednesday to Sunday, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Admission fee: $2.00 (12 and under, free)
September to June by reservation only
Website: www.museestpierrejolys.ca

Galerie Rivière-aux-Rats

The Galerie Rivière-aux-Rats is a virtual exposition where you may purchase Réal Bérard's and Denis Duguay's most recent works of art.

Réal Bérard

Réal Bérard is an award winning artist, ice sculptor, map maker, and short film animator. The French Canadian Réal Bérard was born at the Rivière-aux-Rats, in south-east Manitoba, in 1935.

The creation of Réal Bérard's artworks begins far from the studio. It begins on his travels, a spirit of adventure leading him to explore his dear Manitoba first-hand. Armed with compass, sketchbook and pencil, he heads off - charting his course, taking visual notes and collecting all manner of objects along the way. Herein lies the source of inspiration for his artwork, in the discovery of new landscapes, of wildlife, of native legends and customs. Back at home again, with a wealth of material to draw upon, Réal Bérard sets to work at creating artworks which reflect the romance of a traditional way of life.

Since he left the Ministry in 1990, today he devotes himself to illustrating canoe trails.

For a more complete artist profile and to view over two hundred pieces of Réal Bérard's work visit the Galerie Rivière-aux-Rats website.

Denis Duguay

Denis Duguay was born in Saint-Boniface, Manitoba in 1951.

He likes to hand pick the alabaster rocks in their natural state letting the rocks dictate what they will become. You will notice that sometimes he will sculpt only part of the rock, so as to let the rock speak to us in its natural state, thus attesting the link between man and nature. The matter is, according to the artist, a reflection of the subject it contains.

St-Pierre-Jolys, Mb R0A 1V0
Contact: Nicole and Raymond Lavergne
Phone: (204) 433-7870
Email: nicole.nrl@gmail.com
Website: www.galerieriviereauxrats.com


What is Geocaching?

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Geocaching in St-Pierre-Jolys

Come to St-Pierre-Jolys and discover our hidden treasures. Searching for caches is a fun way to visit and discover our village. Currently there are 3 caches hidden in the St-Pierre-Jolys area. One can be found near the tourist information centre and the other two along the Trans Canada / Crow Wing Trail. Go for a walk, hike or bike ride and find the caches in this beautiful stretch of Manitoba, Canada.

Cinéma Station

Everyone is welcome to the Cinéma Station. The fully remodeled theatre, complete with a new movie projector, has now reopened.

All movies shown have a family rating. With a price of $2 per person, families can enjoy an affordable evening. Confectioneries are sold at the theatre at very reasonable rates.

After the movie everyone is invited to stay and use the pool tables, air hockey, and other games.

508 Hébert Avenue, Box 575, St-Pierre-Jolys, Mb R0A 1V0
Phone: (204) 433-3200
Hours: Doors open Friday at 7:00 pm, Movie starts: 7:45 pm
Admission: $2.00 per person